Sunday, January 4, 2009

Janitor in Johnsonville

Janitor in Johnsonville can you imagine there being a movie with a title like this? No, you know why not? Men will accept a woman of any character background, educational background, station in life career wise, but women judge men on those things. Women are always trying to "trade up" on her current boyfriend. What gives them the right? Oprah? Who told these women (besides Katt Williams) that because they possess a vagina that they rule the world? Not happening, unless we let it, and we do. No one in Phoenix, Arizona where I come from decided that we have choices to do either bad or good in how we marry. We all hope our children are happy but, ... don't we have the obligation to warn someone if our child is nuts, or dangerous, or greedy, or a gold digger? Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of men out there who take advantage of women through dishonesty, but women seem to have it down to a science to where they think it is a right. Everything about them is a lie. They redo their hair, teeth, eyes, make up themselves to the point you can't recognize them as the same person. And they want you to be honest. Women, even in a prison environment where no one else cares what they look like, will put on makeup, color their hair, etc. They say they do it for us. They don't - they compete with each other to see who can come closest to what a "10" is supposed to look like. Let me tell you, most women who are tens are hiding something. There is usually something else in them that they are so insecure about that they have to try to look perfect in their own mind.When I see a movie like "Pretty Woman" or "Maid in Miami" where someone of a different social standing. all of a sudden decides they can break all the taboos about dating and social standing, then, I know it is a fantasy. Men don't fantasize about marrying a rich woman, just a hot one. That is our failing. We need to start looking to marry "up" as women call it. Find someone who is better off than you. If you don't you are failing to fulfill your destiny. That is what female proactivists say to women, we need to start doing the same thing.